While corrugated sheets on rooftops degrade the street scene, Solesia’s integrated solar panels and slates upgrade it. Its aesthetic solution is as discrete as the advertising concept we have thought up is eye-catching. 


The Solesia promotional campaign highlights the highest-possible return combined with the attractive qualities of the solar panels. The ‘Eternit red’ sunglasses frame with heart-shaped glasses reflecting a Solesia solar roof symbolise Solesia’s aesthetic and economical assets.  Never mind the future, the present’s looking bright!

Look positively to the future through red, heart-shaped glasses? One attractive visual shows how Solesia does it.

Interactive tools for Batibouw

Last but not least, our Online department incorporated an interactive calculator into the Eternit stand. This allowed visitors to run a simulation to work out how much a Solesia solar roof costs. There was also a video to explain the solar roofing system in detail.