LVD in Gullegem, West Flanders is a global leader in sheet metal folding, punching and shearing. The machine maker made that crystal clear ahead of the EuroBLECH trade fair in Germany.

Fantastic flexibility

LVD is all about flexibility. Its auto­ mated solutions and laser cut, fold, punch and software technologies can handle the most challenging jobs. LVD’s sheet metal working machines can press sheet metal into the desired form in seconds. With the industry’s biggest trade fair in Europe, EuroBLECH, just around the corner, LVD wanted to highlight its expertise and flexibility.


Elegant image

LVD opted for an original visual to catch the eye in its product communications: a ballerina in an elegant pose, her back perfectly arched, her arms outstretched, sprayed from head to foot in metallic paint. The visual symbolises the flexibility and versatility of the machines and solutions offered by LVD.

The slogan 'Bring bare metal to life' stresses that LVD is able to provide a striking flexible service to its customers. Clear communication that leaves nothing ­ and everything ­ to the imagination.

From photography to design

LVD uses the visual of the ballerina, which we shot in the studio (the model’s body was painted from head to toe), on the bag it gave away at EuroBLECH and on a selection of product adverts. We designed all tools in accordance with the house style, ensuring that the LVD communication got a standing ovation.