At the start of the corona crisis, ECA received a request from the government to make surgical masks. The need was urgent, and so the car textile manufacturer joined the fight against Covid-19. To make this known to the public, we devised an effective communication plan.

A first for Belgium

In Assenede, East Flanders, ECA has been producing surgical masks since July. To this end, the Belgian car upholstery company set up a completely new department. It invested in a technologically innovative machine park which makes it able to produce up to 190 million type II and IIR masks annually. ECA was one of the first in Belgium to receive the European EN14683: 2019 certificate and the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

To make this achievement more resonant, ECA called on our "spin doctors".

From logo to website

The new department for surgical masks and reusable medical aprons was named ECA Med. We gave the logo a logical shape and
developed the website: an informative site, in Dutch and English, which confirms the expertise of ECA Med and provides an overview of its product range.

We visually supported the clear and conversion-oriented content with photos and a video. Therefore, we sent our photo and videographer to Assenede.

Content marketing

Our digital marketers highlighted the advantages of ECA Med even more on social media. With posts on LinkedIn, among others, we put the Belgian quality of surgical masks and aprons in the spotlight. It is possible that other channels will soon be activated. To be continued.

Leaflets for professionals

Finally, hospitals, companies and contact professions were sent a leaflet. It contained all information about the full range of ECA Med masks, including their latest innovative type that has been treated with a virucidal layer. Want to know more? Have a look at