PSA Antwerp is a big employer at the Port of Antwerp, with more than 3900 people working there. But it is in urgent need of technical profiles to support its growth. We joined forces to look for a way to attract talented new people and turn them on to a career at the port.

Looking for technical profiles

PSA Antwerp is the biggest container traffic company at the Port of Antwerp, running three terminals. Technical profiles are in high demand to keep that impressive logistics machine purring over. But they are scarce and much sought after. 

A solid employer branding campaign

After some research, we decided to start by raising PSA Antwerp’s profile among potential employees. Step two would be about convincing them that applying for a job was a good tactical move. The result was a solid employer branding campaign with an innovative fair stand and a strong campaign visual.

Virtually PSA

“People who visit PSA Antwerp at the port are often so blown over by the impressive site that their interest is immediately grabbed,” the folks at the HR department explain.

But getting potential employees along to PSA just happens to be the biggest challenge. With that in mind, we designed an innovative fair stand, featuring a crane seat. Technical undergraduates were invited to sit down, don a VR headset and immerse themselves in a 360° view of the fascinating world of PSA.

The power of video

You know what they say: unknown, unloved. To give potential employees an idea of what it’s actually like working for PSA Antwerp we shot a video testimonial for each job function. Potential applicants visiting the website can view these short films by clicking the videos on selected job pages to hear PSA employees talk about their job. Social proof in action.

Punchy campaign visual

Campaigns need a visual.

Our design team also got to work for PSA. The campaign visual combines the face of a PSA employee and a view of port activities. The goal was to highlight the port as a place full of people.

The visual is also used in the entire employer branding communication suite, from fair stand and brochure to vacancy folders and more.