Power up your brand!
Cross-media communication

Our cross-media communication approach aims to strengthen brands as much as possible. Power up your brand! This is the key to effectively and creatively analyzing, optimizing and activating your company's marketing performance with the right target groups.

Here is how we do it :

Strategic thinking
determines the 
success rate for a
strong brand in advance.

We start with a thorough and objective brand audit. We gauge the visibility and impact of your brand, offline and online. We examine your realisations and ambitions, and carefully weigh them against each other.

Only when we fully understand you and know your needs we'll develop a strategic communication plan - your roadmap to a strong brand.

Once the strategic guidelines have been defined, we develop concepts that give your communication additional stopping power in all the necessary media. You know, cross-media. In this way, we attract the attention of your target groups (Awareness), increase their involvement (Involvement) and stimulate them to action and interaction (Conversion). Because that is the ultimate objective of this process: to transform cold prospects into hot leads.

Concepts in all areas
shapes and sizes,
always well thought
and according to your


Lead generation

Finally, we put our ideas into practice with precision. We deploy all concepts - for your online, offline and event communication - in a range of business modeling tools for optimal lead generation, strong sales and a sustainable brand experience. Cross-media. Through different media. With a precise mix of tools.



We have all qualities

Thanks to our comprehensive service approach, we have everything we need to strengthen your brand in a cross-media way. Welcome to our one stop shop!

Offline, we develop powerful concepts, but you can also contact us for branding, design, press communication and media support.

Online, we take care of your communication from 1 to Z. We help you to perfect your online marketing strategy with all possible techniques (marketing automation, SEO, SEA, SEA, UX,...) and to make your website an activation platform.

Company event or congress, incentive or exhibition? We also take care of your events in a cross-medial way. From organization to communication!

We provide
cross-media campaigns
with a creative touch
and a clear result

Creative campaigns with interesting content

The techniques we use to give more power to your brand are all available at D’M&S. Implement an online marketing strategy? Create a corporate image? Make the content of your website SEO-proof? Refresh your corporate identity? Are you organizing an event or a company congress? All the brand's expertise is at hand here. The creative approach and cross-media deployment is exactly what you need.

Enough talk, show time!

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