Watts Benelux has upgraded its house style. D’M&S rolled it out to its corporate and consumer documents. We revised various sales brochures and created additional sales tools, including for the launch of OneFlow and the repositioning of Microflex.

Fair stand at Batibouw

Our stand building team designed the stand for the Batibouw trade show, fully in line with the new look and feel, of course. The focus on the stand was on a selection of established and updated products, like the new version of the Vision thermostat solution.

We provided a working model that could be operated by thermostats and a tablet. LEDs simulated heating and cooling functions. The result was an attractive stand that stopped visitors in their tracks.

Watts new style

As an expert in water technology, Watts knows how to go with the flow (of time). That goes for its communication too. The Watts house style was given a makeover to make it more contemporary and easy-on-the-eye. We rolled it out to various printed tools, including manuals, price lists, adverts, leaflets, a selection of product brochures and even a fair stand. We look at a few of them here.

OneFlow launch

OneFlow is a new anti-scale system without added salt or water loss that Watts is currently introducing in the Benelux. We designed various sales tools - manual, leaflet, poster, price list, advert and counter display - to ensure the general public were fully informed about the launch. We took care of layout, design, copy and production, all in line with the new branding standard.

New Microflex brochure

Microflex is a range of flexible, pre-insulated piping systems that serve as heating pipes and water pipes for hot sanitation water, cooling water and other liquids. To highlight its position as an original manufacturer and distributor, we created a new sales brochure.

We were not only responsible for the layout, creation and translation of the brochure, we also applied the redesign to the technical manual and the price list. We also designed a striking concept visual that points up the ecological credentials and exceptionally flexible character. The new Watts style also returns in these tools.