Tubtara® blind rivet nuts are studs that can be mounted blindly. Rest assured that we had our eyes wide open when restyling the logo and the new B2B website.www.tubtara.com

Clear information on a plate 

Time is money. This certainly applies to craftsmen. The need to quickly find the correct part in a catalogue, but more frequently online, has been turned into a pure B2B website where specialists can quickly find what they are looking for. Using the very practical filter, visitors can simply define the parameters, which can cut their search time significantly. Rather than scrolling and clicking the day away, visitors can immediately find what they need.

Focused on calls to action

Found what you’re looking for? You can quickly download the product sheet, visualise the product in 3D or open the entire catalogue. Still got a few questions? The eye-catching calls to action can help. Both user-friendly and accessible.

Refreshed logo

The website was not the only project we thought up for Tubtara. We started by restyling the Tubtara® logo to highlight the firm’s connection with parent Dejond. This rejigged logo is proudly used in all communication materials and is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the brand-new Tubtara® website.


The practical filter can cut the visitors’ search time significantly and brings them immediately to what they need.