Why? Because!
Communicate offline

Why still bet on offline in these digital times? Look around: a magazine, newspaper or leaflet will probably be slinging around somewhere. And you listen to the radio too - in the car, at home or at work, don't you? Don’t you watch a movie or TV in the evening once in a while?

Integrate offline tools into your marketing mix.

For GLS-one we created a strong concept that has been used in a range of offline applications.
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We think in a cross-medial and creative way - you too?

What does cross-media mean to you? For that we first need to measure how your brand is performing today and we need to know where you want to go with it. Observing, orienting, creating and activating. Do we need offline tools for this? Maybe, but most of all a solid portion of creativity.

Offline remains a medium with endless (creative) possibilities. You want to grab the attention of your target groups and generate leads? So why not integrate offline tools into your cross-media marketing mix?

Make your brand
stand out offline?
A good idea ...

... that's where it all starts ;)

Wondering how we can strengthen your brand offline?

Do you want to boost your business-to-business communication? Or are you planning a business-to-consumer campaign but you don't know how to convince the final consumer? We’re strategically and creatively thinking with you, in word and image We have everything we need for that, which is very practical. This way you can rest assured that the story we write for you is brought consistently and powerfully. In all media, including offline.

Which Offline tools fit
into your marketing mix?

That depends on your objectives. There is no standard 'power up your brand' formula. Together we'll look at how you can get the message across and which performance-enhancing tools you can use to reach your target group.

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