Reach further and drive engagement with
Hybrid events

What’s the best way to organise a product launch, conference or other corporate event when your audience cannot travel? How do you maintain contacts with customers and stakeholders who cannot attend in person? A hybrid event is the answer.

What’s a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an in-person event that is also livestreamed online for remote participants. In a digital world, these remote events are an attractive option. The technology is available and with an experienced event partner you can unlock a host of advantages.

  • You don’t need to get everyone on site.
  • You limit the number of journeys.
  • You maintain your network remotely.
  • You reach a wider audience when streaming.
  • You strengthen ties with your target groups.

Reach a wider audience

A hybrid event is local for everyone. You hold your event, a debate, a product launch or a seminar, say at a specific venue for a limited audience, but stream it online at the same time. To your office, to the homes of your employees, to customers in Belgium or elsewhere. Livestreaming can be done on an online channel or a digital platform. And by recording your event and sharing it on social media you will generate even more views (and leads).

More than a livestream

The experience is as much a key success factor for your hybrid event as for a regular in-person event. You need to pull your audience in, inform and inspire them. So what’s the trick?

  • Put together a captivating programme.
  • Contract a professional moderator/presenter.
  • Alternate static content and video.
  • Keep the running time down to one or two hours tops.
  • Get the audience involved with polls, live chat and a Q&A.
  • Keep your event in people’s mind with plenty of communication (announce, invite, follow up).

Technology is the driver

So what about the technical aspects of a hybrid event? In our experience good equipment and support make all the difference. Our professional studio is an ideal shooting location, but actually we can build a set where you want it. The most important aspects are the lighting, sound and use of various cameras to create a dynamic show. And a fast internet connection, natch. There’s nothing quite like a stuttering feed to turn people off.

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