Looking for ideal profiles?

Looking for ideal profiles?

D’M&S focuses on employer branding and makes your corporate image attractive! Discover how employer branding is the answer to your HR questions.

How do I get my vacancies filled easier and faster?

Where can I find motivated applicants with the right skills?

Can my current staff help attract applicants?

How do I reward my employees and show more appreciation for their work?

How do I strengthen the group feeling within my organization?

What is the importance of an attractive and consistent corporate culture?

Create your corporate image

Do you distinguish yourself in the labour market? Do you profile yourself as an attractive employer? Boost your corporate image to attract and retain top talent.

Communicate creatively

Increase your chances of being seen and heard? Give your recruitment campaign or internal communication the necessary creative punch.

Take it to the market!

Employer branding is a continuous process. How do you put your campaign in the spotlight? How do you keep your employees enthusiastic? We pull out all the stops.

How we approach this in practical terms:

The creation of your brand story that can be distributed via your website, a brochure or corporate movie provides a common thread through your communication.

From developing a converting micro website, to designing and building the right stand at a job fair, and everything in between.