Boost your sales
Turn anonymous visitors into known customers

Don’t know who visits your website? You’re missing out on a lot of data and potential customers. And you’re not the only one. Did you know that the average website allows some 98% of its visitors to slip through its fingers? So how do you make that data visible, even without conversion? Anonymous tracking.

The IP address of your website visitors tells you everything about their online behaviour. Although their identities remain anonymous, you can see exactly which pages they have visited. That gives you a good handle on their interests. You can use this anonymous data to power up your online marketing strategy.

Suddenly, an anonymous visitor is transformed from an unknown into a valuable lead.



Anonymous tracking opens the door to remarketing. When you get to know your target audience better, you can track them with personalised content and communication. Like to know for sure which companies visit your website and where they go? With simple tracking technologies we give them a face and make their online behaviour visible. And bring you a step closer to conversion. Let’s start tracking.