Online video
More views, more leads!

Video is an excellent tool to attract attention and to inform your target groups with a strong story, to make them aware and to generate leads. Combined with smart video marketing, the road is open to views and conversions.




It’s all about the story

First things first. What and who do you want to reach with your video? What do you want to say and which format is most suitable for this? An animation, corporate video, web movie, testimonial, instruction video or social media clips? We devise a strategy, translate it into a strong story and take care of the complete production of your video. Afterwards we put your video in the spotlight and we generate views with targeted video marketing.




 Generate more views with video marketing

How do you bring your video to your target groups? Depending on the format, our video marketers view which channels have the largest reach. We always ensure that your video is seen.

We promote your video on social media. With a post or a targeted (paying) advertisement. This way you increase the chance of an order, contact request or other conversions. We make your video production SEO-proof and therefore optimally searchable for search engines. And, last but not least, we think cross-media and distribute your video through any suitable channel (see: an e-mailing to customers, prospects, partners or journalists).

Why does an animated movie work?

Do you always need a whole crew to produce a video? No, you don’t. Animation is often sufficient for an instructional or promotional video that you want to send to the world via your online and social channels. Attractive drawing style, dynamic editing, voice-over, music underneath ... An animation film works perfectly to explain your product or service crystal clear and easy.

An animatied video
is the ideal way

to explain
a product or service