How do we power up brands, you ask? Let some of our projects show you.
Feel free to be inspired.

PSA Antwerp
PSA Antwerp is a big employer at the Port of Antwerp, with more than 3900 people working there. But it is in urgent need of technical profiles to support its growth. We joined forces to look for a way to attract talented new people and turn them on to a career at the port.
DiBO manufactures robust professional cleaning machines. Top Belgian quality. The family firm wanted to shout that from the rooftops, so they asked us to come up with a powerful visual that would boost their image and product recognition. Enter The Hulk... from Brussels.
Due to acquisitions in Germany and Croatia, the Hasselt-based high-tech producer of sports and health nutrition has quickly grown into a global player. A challenge that D’M&S was pleased to sink its teeth into.
Watts Insulation
Watts Benelux has upgraded its house style. D’M&S rolled it out to its corporate and consumer documents. We revised various sales brochures and created additional sales tools, including for the launch of OneFlow and the repositioning of Microflex.
Roto has a new online loyalty platform: Rotogether. The aim of the company, which manufactures window and door fittings, was to strengthen its ties with fitters, dealers and other clientele, and turn them into loyal customers.
Few people know that Vink also sells valves. So it was high time to announce it to the world. D’M&S developed a three-step concept visual, which we used in a direct mail and to decorate the Vink fair stand.
On Chillventa, the professional trade fair for the refrigeration industry in Nürnberg, Germany, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) launched a corporate image intended to highlight their sustainability strategy and ecological ambitions. We came up with the visual and the fair booth.