How do we power up brands, you ask? Let some of our projects show you.
Feel free to be inspired.

For Assuralia, a hybrid event was the solution to still be able to connect with its audience in 2021. From our studio in Bruges, we were in control of this live-streamed and tightly directed digital event.
A unique type of event carpeting that can help reduce the event’s ecological footprint. It is an innovative concept that demands well-considered positioning. That’s just where our strengths lie.
AZ groeninge
Unique open day
AZ Groeninge schrijft nieuw verhaalop Dag van de Wetenschap
Last year Aldi opened a new branch in Aarschot, the first in Belgium to be designed in line with the new store concept. The German supermarket chain asked our event team to get involved in the official opening.
Callens is ready for the future. The industrial heating and air conditioning specialist undertook a full rebranding, taking the opportunity to boost its internal and external communication. We co-authored this cross-media success story.
Who is Rf-Technologies? What does the fire-resistant solutions manufacturer stand for? How can it strengthen its name familiarity and corporate image - and so generate more leads and attract and enthuse new and existing employees?
Packaging specialist Pattyn’s new product line has shaken up the market. The innovation called for a strategic market approach rather than regular production communication.
On Thursday 23 March Danilith opened the doors of its brand-new show house in Wortegem-Petegem. To introduce this nearly zero-energy house to stakeholders and customers as well as to its own staff, the building company called in D’M&S. 
Crossmediale communicatie
Stichting tegen Kanker
Every other year Stichting Tegen Kanker presents Grants to scientists who offer a significant contribution to cancer research. This year, our event team turned this prestigious event into a stylish awards ceremony. A bull’s-eye.
Compass Group
On 1 June our event team organised the ‘Battle of the Chefs’ for food service specialist Compass Group. During the final in Tour & Taxis, 10 chef teams battled for the title ‘Signature Dish of the Year’. The 250 guests enjoyed the cooking spectacle to the full.
Wallfashion specialist Grandeco treated its employees to a family day in true festival style! Our event planners ensured the smooth flow of the day and provided children’s entertainment, food trucks, a photo search, a DJ and more!
D’M&S rolled up its sleeves and created on top of the new website a new logo and corporate identity, a look book video and photos and also took care of the organization of the new collection’s launch event.
AZ groeninge
 D’M&S got to organise three events for the Kortrijk hospital: a VIP opening ceremony, an open day and also an evening party. We not only organised the events, but also developed all communication tools, such as a website, offline and online invitations and registration platforms.
Hainan Airlines
10 jaar geleden landde het eerste vliegtuig van de Chinese luchtvaartmaatschappij Hainan Airlines vanuit Bejing in Brussel. Om dat te vieren nodigde het in september 250 relaties uit voor een ‘east meets west’ event.
Imperial Meat Products
One informative magazine per quarter. At the start of this year, Imperial Meat Products put a first step in the right direction to strengthen ties with the butcher-tradesman. The fine meats producer understood however there was more potential than meets the eye… spurring on D’M&S Online to set up an online platform, which was launched with a tasteful event managed by D’M&S Events.
New Headquarters. That simply calls for a decent housewarming party, with a party concept that isn’t just innovative and creative, but also transparent, functional, straight to the point and sustainable. D’M&S merged all these qualities in a totally full-on event.
D’M&S turned the average obligatory New Year’s reception into a sensational New Year’s gathering for Voka. A charming venue and a strong message wrapped in a dynamic package sealed the deal.
Belgocontrol welcomed its most important partners and business contacts to the air traffic control towver in Steenokkerzeel for a special New Year’s reception. D’M&S Events made it a sparkling experience.
A unique location. A fitting concept. The perfect finishing touches. This holy trinity leads to successful events with the return wished for, as was the case for frozen vegetables manufacturer Ardo’s ‘Let’s meet in the field’ event.