A different communication approach helps you drive up awareness of your brand. Just ask Vermo. We devised a very special concept for the aluminium carport, canopy and shelter specialist that simply flew.

Eye-catching concept visual

Protecting what’s important to you is a natural reflex. That’s the message Vermo has for its customers. Your car or patio deserves to be kept out of the wind and rain. Because, as Vermo knows: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The concept visual and slogan got the message across loud and clear.

Chick flick generates leads

We told the story of Vermo (and mother goose) in a series of offline and online tools, including a short commercial. The ideal way to grab people’s attention on social media and get them flocking to the website. Enjoy!

Soaring reputation with online marketing

Our online marketers deployed Google Ads and social media marketing to take Vermo’s profile sky-high. Short bite-size videos focusing on the products? Attractive photo carrousels? Powerful posts? We’ve got it covered!

POS new style

As well as online, we also turned the spotlight on Vermo in showrooms. Vermo used to go by the name Vermo Carports. That called for a refresh… The new showroom in Meerhout was given appropriate lettering. The corporate brochure is also slated for the makeover in the near future. Keep an eye out for the new brood.