Sooner or later every business will have to go through its own digital transformation. Vanden Bussche in Veurne understood this. We boosted the construction company’s online visibility with a new website, an eye-catching online marketing strategy and a tracking tool to generate leads.

Website refresh

It's a cliché, but your website really is your digital showroom. A place to tell your story, show off your best projects and basically turn passers-by into customers. Of course, you need to keep your site fresh and up to date. With that in mind, we revamped the website of Belgian construction company Vanden Bussche with a new design, a clear structure and adapted content. The result is welcoming and contemporary, with intuitive navigation and engaging copy, in Dutch and French. All told, then the ideal balance between style and substance.


A consistent story across media is simply the best way to raise your brand's profile, bar none.

Online marketing

We also rolled out the new design ethic to Vanden Bussche's social media channels. Our online marketing team keeps the construction company at the top of everyone’s mind with a stream of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts. We also harness the power of Google Ads to ramp up traffic to the website. And for content, to maximize visual impact we rely heavily on stills and video, even deploying drones to get the best shots.

Driving sales

All this combined, this is going to generate valuable leads, no doubt (and attract the right candidates to strengthen the team). We’ve installed an anonymous tracking tool to help sales convert those leads by monitoring all traffic to and around the website, so that high-potentials can be followed up (through account-based marketing) to hopefully arrange a meeting.

A cross-media approach

With Vanden Bussche now at cruising speed online, it’s the ideal time to activate other channels. Rolling out the new house style to building site or print, say. Because a consistent story across media is simply the best way to raise your brand’s profile, bar none.