Promeco developed a new technology keeping food served on a plate, in a glass or bowl, at the right temperature for a longer amount of time. To successfully launch Tempcontrol amongst manufacturers of tableware and cooking utensils, we came up with a powerful concept visual, integrated in the website as well as in a B2B information leaflet.  

Creatieve campagne
met innovatief sausje

A strong product demands a strong concept. To launch the innovative Tempcontrol system, our experts designed and produced a tell-all visual, accompanied by to-the-point slogans in English. The image consisted of a technical cross section of a plate, with food tastefully presented on one half. The other half is given a different colour, depending on the application (red for warm food, blue for cold dishes). That way, we literally demonstrate the plate staying at the correct temperature ‘from kitchen to table’. 

Attractive food photography 

A food photographer was called to shoot the concept image, to ensure the food looked as attractive as possible to the target audience. Our digital image editors did the rest: combining the two images and perfecting each small detail.

Offline & online tools:
landing page and brochure

We now used the campaign concept for several online and offline tools, such as an information brochure and a limited landing page The actual full website is still under construction and is planned to go live shortly. We will keep you posted.