Ham, bacon, salami, game pâté. This is just a selection of Bourgon’s assortment. To promote the rich variation of meat products and the craftsmanship of the butcher, we created a tasteful campaign.

Convincing consumers

Bourgon is the generic brand of the Franky Fresh Food Group from the East Flemish Wortegem-Petegem. This distributer of meat products has been part of the Willy Naessens Group since 2013. With Bourgon it offers a strong brand of fine, artisanal sandwich fillings. To convince the consumer of this, we came up with an advertising campaign that will mainly run via the butcher. The message is simple: Bourgon brings the best of the pig and the cow to your plate.

The right concept visual

The image of a pig’s and cow’s head consisting of cold cuts on a white plate on a wooden table top sets the scene of artisanal meat, only available at the craftsman-butcher. With this, the campaign immediately sets the tone of the butcher’s craftsmanship in an attractive and likeable way.