Finding a single and clear concept to encompass the complex service portfolio of supply management specialist Solvint… that was the mission our marketing experts chose to accept. We developed the ‘unexplored potential’ concept, consisting of 3 powerful visuals used on the new website and in offline marketing tools. The result? A campaign visual that explains Solvint’s activities at a single glance. 

1 concept,
3 strong visuals

To be able to convince prospects or clients of your products and services, you need to first explain what it is exactly that you have to offer. The services offered by Solvint, a leading consultancy firm specialising in supply chain management, are rather complex. To simplify their offering, we created the ‘unexplored potential’ concept. In just two words, this slogan describes exactly what Solvint brings to the table for clients such as Unilever, Q8 and KBC. The visuals depict the universe, the ocean and the human brain; each of them areas with, very similar to businesses, plenty of untapped potential. 

From concept to website

The 3 concept visuals also serve as the backbone of the new website we created for Solvint. This website is built around the 3 Solvint services, hence the 3 visuals. Given the international character of their business and client portfolio, the site is written in English. Its structure is logical, fresh and welcomes the visitor to take action: ask a question, contact Solvint, book an appointment… The bottom of each page for instance features the photo and details of the person to contact at Solvint. To give the site a more personal feel, we also added photos of daily life at the Solvint offices. 

In-house photography and image editing

The personal photos on the website are the result of a photoshoot we organised at the Solvint offices. One of our photographers shot images of a working day at Solvint, after which our art directors lifted these images to perfection level.