Wood protection solutions manufacturer Rubio Monocoat has developed a unique new product, Rubio WoodCream. Our strategists and creatives put their heads together to put together a highly visual launch campaign.

Strategic marketing

How do you go about launching a product? What are your target groups? How do you create the right visual identity and how do you approach promotion? The folks at Rubio Monocoat asked us to help set out the strategic lines of a commercial marketing drive, based on a market analysis. The goal was to raise Rubio WoodCream’s profile on the B2B market. Not as just another product, but as a completely unique wood protector.

“We worked closely with the client to identify the best way to market the new brand.”

Creative concept visual powers brand awareness

Rubio WoodCream is not a paint, an oil or a stain, but it does have all the benefits of these. We created a striking launch campaign to win over dealers and professional users. The campaign visual, a shaving brush with a dollop of Rubio WoodCream, emphasises the aesthetic and protective qualities of the nourishing, water-repelling cream. The message is simple: Rubio WoodCream protects the natural beauty of wood.

In-house product launch with digital event

Rubio Monocoat’s employees and dealers in Belgium and abroad were the first to be introduced to the new product in a hybrid event. We took on full organisational responsibilities for this webinar. An email was sent to the invitees, who were able to register for the event streamed online from our Bruges studio. The show combined. The result was a professional show with a mix of live presentations and pre-recorded videos streamed to more than a hundred viewers.

“As well as the webinar, our studio also hosted the shoot for a commercial:
The Forest of Walls.

Campaign creates top-of-mind awareness for new brand

After a successful internal launch, it was time for the market to be introduced to Rubio WoodCream. An advert featuring the concept visual ran in specialist magazines. A commercial shot in our studio, as previewed at the launch, was deployed online and instore to advertise the advantages of the new product. Check it out here.