ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation ordered an online platform to make its product pricelists more accessible and easier to understand. The result was Rockprice. Dealers of the technical insulation can now find all prices in one place. While our online department finalised the tool, our marketers put together a plan to launch Rockprice.

Digitalising pricelists

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation develops and markets technical insulation solutions for the offshore, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, process and energy industries in its ProRox
and SeaRox lines. Country-specific pricelists of all products used to be kept offline.

That was neither efficient or convenient. And obsolescence was often just around the corner. Our solution was to create digital versions of all pricelists on a country-by-country basis and build an online platform, Rockprice, where dealers could access them.

“ We encouraged dealers to explore the new online platform with an awareness video and discovery box.

Discovery box & e-mails

To raise the profile of Rockprice and persuade the target group to use the platform, we also produced an awareness video and created a discovery box. This included a sales brochure explaining the USP's of the tool and how it works, as well as a registration card encouraging the recipient to register, which is free of charge.

The box also contained a universal adapter, a very fitting freebie bearing in mind the nature of the price tool.