Android, AmbiLux, AmbiLight … there is no such thing as the television to Philips. This electronics giant offers a TV for each kind of customer and contacted D’M&S to manage their different Facebook and AdWords campaigns. 

display adverts

Philips TV asked D’M&S to optimise their Facebook and AdWords campaigns for the Belgian market. By addressing each customer segment in a very specific way, the aim was to boost their online presence. D’M&S designed the banners for the display campaign, highlighting Philips’ authenticity and expertise. The banners show how innovative Philips already was in 1928 – and how they have remained innovators ever since. An intelligent remarketing campaign targeted each different client segment, using specific banners. An AmbiLight TV might appeal mostly to romantic couples, whereas the AmbiLux TV pulls the heart strings of gadget-minded men. A piece of proper performance marketing!