Harvest for Pasfrost! The Passendale-based producer and distributor of deep-frozen vegetables has a new website to highlight its sustainable image. The hearts of visitors to the SIAL food show in Paris were warmed with... soup.

Informative website

Belgian family firm Pasfrost wanted to add colour to its international role in 60 countries on 5 continents. Online. The results can be seen at www.pasfrost.be. Our online team gave the website a complete makeover. Fully reflecting the importance the company gives to transparency and sustainability, we designed a clear, user­friendly structure.

See the conveniently arranged vegetable page, which covers the whole seasonal range of deep­freeze vegetables. Or read about the journey vegetables take from field to plate. All content has been tailored to give visitors information about Pasfrost’s sustainable approach and delicious range in an attractive way. Because it also has to look good.

Plein-air photography

The photography was an important consideration in endeavouring to give the new website a visually appealing and realistic character. The homepage offers a series of product photos of the month’s vegetables to set the tone (refresh to see a different photo).

Our photographer went on location to get the story of the origin of the vegetables. Magnificent vistas of fields, farmers at work, beaming with pride for their harvest... The photos highlight the close ties Pasfrost has with its suppliers. 

Soup as sales tool

The new website went live the day before SIAL. But visitors to the Pasfrost stand at this international food show in Paris were in for another treat ­ a cup of fresh hot vegetable soup. We provided a carrier tricycle in the Pasfrost corporate colours, transforming it into a soup tricycle.

To stress Pasfrost’s sustainable image we dressed the stand with bales of straw and stacks of vegetables. An excellent recipe. The soup proved to be a successful sales tool, with many a lead clearly warming to the Pasfrost quality.