Lutti is one of the best-selling candy brands in Belgium, but not the best-known. Up to now! With an impressive campaign on various fronts, we put Lutti on the map.

More than an awareness campaign

Our creative team got to work and came up with the baseline “Life is Luttiful”. Because let's face it, isn't life so much more beautiful with some candy now and then? Thanks to the matching and very catchy sound logo, Lutti will surely be on your mind all day long.

The baseline was reinforced with the concept image “Which little Lutti monster is inside of you?”. After all, it's not us, but that little candy monster hiding inside each of us that makes us reach for sweets. The perfect excuse 😉



New sound logo for Lutti

To complete the branding campaign, Lutti also got a new sound logo. The catchy tune immediately makes you happy and try as you might, you won't get it out of your head!


Roll-out on 3 fronts

Both in spring and autumn, the little monsters will seduce you in funny commercials on TV. In addition, the candy monsters will make a weekly appearance throughout the year in posts via social media on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. These fit in perfectly with the playful character of the campaign and often respond to current events.



POS & a gift for the supermarkets

In addition to TV and online visibility, the most important thing is of course that Lutti's sweets stand out on the store shelves. With the help of all kinds of colorful promotional material, such as large displays and wobblers, you will no longer be able to ignore the monstrous campaign images.

The supermarkets are spoiled with a box that, in addition to a sample pack of sweets, also contains a lot of useful information and all sales tools.

One thing is for sure, life will be Luttiful this year!