Living Tomorrow brings entrepreneurs together in an inspiring environment. D’M&S constantly looks for innovative techniques that can make a difference for those entrepreneurs. It was only a matter of time to become partners in innovation. First and foremost, we take care of the communication around this unique innovation platform. In addition, during Living Tomorrow events we share our vision on how businesses can communicate with their target groups by means of lectures and workshops.

Partners in innovation

Humans are thinking animals. Our ability to plan ahead, innovate and completely control our environment is what sets us apart. Where would we be without evolution? That is the question we ask in the first campaign we have devised for Living Tomorrow. The image of the ape deeply lost in its thoughts gets us in turn thinking about how we live tomorrow depends on how we act today. Innovation is a must for everyone who does not want to be left behind. A clear message with a thought-provoking image and, by chance, that’s one of our specialties.

New corporate identity

The swoosh of Nike, the red letters of Coca Cola, the M of McDonald’s… these all ring a bell to people from all over the world. It is difficult to make this work for every company, but designing a corporate style brings you one step closer to achieving the same effect. Together with the campaign we introduced a new corporate visual identity for Living Tomorrow, applied to brochures, ads and even the new website.

The world is evolving. Communication must too. Innovation in communication, that is the key.