One informative magazine per quarter. At the start of this year, Imperial Meat Products put a first step in the right direction to strengthen ties with the butcher-tradesman. The fine meats producer understood however there was more potential than meets the eye… spurring on D’M&S Online to set up an online platform, which was launched with a tasteful event managed by D’M&S Events. 


Offline and online go hand in hand, which is why the ‘Smaakmakers’ magazine was given an online add-on. An accessible, very secure community website for the butcher-tradesman, offering information on products, regulation and inspiration, with recipes and deco tips. Members can also learn more about all kinds of promotion material and place orders, 24/7. However, the biggest innovation lies in the saving platform: with each order you receive points which can be redeemed for events and workshops. Our recipe for some extra ‘zing’ to client-suppliers relations. 


To draw attention to the new online platform, we opted for a face-to-face formula. And what better occasion than Tavola, the trade fair for delicatessen? Totally to the liking of our event department indeed! Dynamic presentations with audiovisual support? Check. An animated intro? OK. Walking lunch with fine meats? Enjoy! And a filled to the brim goodie bag when leaving?  In the pocket!


Informing the butcher-caterer about their assortment meat delicacies and promotions; Imperial, since a year now, uses ‘Smaakmakers’ to that end, a tastefully edited magazine. We take care of the content and the design. Seasonal tips leapfrog on-trend articles, product news, promotions and interviews. It makes for great reading and is especially enjoyed by the target audience.

The online platform strengthens ties with the butcher-tradesman, who even is rewarded!