When chemical producer Huntsman challenged us to raise the profile of its 3D shoe sole printing technology, our response made quite an impression.

Striking image

Huntsman has been using 3D printing technology to product shoe soles for a few years now. To tell the whole world (of shoemakers) about it, we put our best foot forward, taking the existing communication in a new direction. The campaign now focuses with three distinct visuals on the three distinct markets on which Huntsman wants to promote its technology: sports, casual and safety footwear.

Trade fair launch

We used the new visuals on Huntsman’s stand at SIMAC. This trade fair is the ideal opportunity
to tell target groups all about the specific advantages of this sustainable printing technology. Our distinctive and creative communication certainly grabbed people’s attention.




Extra visual in 3D

We also designed a special visual for Huntsman featuring the qualities of the 3D printed shoe soles made from Daltoped ® Duralite Energy polyurethane. We did that completely in 3D, with the shoe sole bearing the name of the product. Again: clear communication that leaves nothing - and everything - to the imagination.