Gyproc has everything the DIYer needs to build and finish walls and ceilings with plasterboard. A new communication campaign highlights Gyproc’s all-in-one quality. To actually convince the online visitor to choose Gyproc, we took them on an online customer journey: from Awareness, via Consideration, to Conversion.

Conversion through customer journey

DIY’ers increasingly go online to find their solutions, so we invested a lot of time optimising Gyproc’s offering in that area. After an extensive keyword analysis, we launched an SEA campaign. Adverts were written for every stage of the customer journey. No scattershot approach here, but rather a targeted strategy based on the specific search terms depending on the needs of the customer. Awareness, Consideration or Conversion. Renovation, renovation with plasterboard or renovation with Gyproc, say.

Landing page with blog

The ads direct DIY’ers to a brand-new landing page. The single-page website presents the five Gyproc ranges with their advantages, directing visitors to the full Gyproc website for more information about the dealers and demo sessions. Blog posts with practical tips written around the keywords in the online ads are another source of interesting reading for DIY’ers and they drive traffic to the Gyproc website. Awareness, consideration, conversion!

POS materials in the shops

As well as online tools, we also designed displays, wobblers and other materials to spread the message and raise the profile in shops. These POS tools, combined with the online and offline communication, have already been able to convince many DIY’ers to choose for the five basic ranges of Gyproc.

The SEA campaign, based on an extensive keyword analysis, takes the DIY’er on a customer journey. Destination: checkout.