Creative concepts that are totally timeless. For many years, that has been our trademark. That’s why when ‘time’ and ‘time efficiency’ are a central campaign theme, we obviously feel happy as Larry. For Gates we came up with an out-of-the-box concept visual for the distributor segment. Both offline and online.


Do not ever underestimate the power of an image. A good visual bundles attractiveness, a clear message, originality and inspiration all-in one. Combined with a well targeted baseline, just one glimpse is enough to convey the message. For Gates also we opted for a concept born out of a creative idea: a very tight drive belt in the shape of a wrist watch, set for 5 to 12. Obviously that’s no coincidence; just in time! 


These days, print and online communication are totally intertwined. So we developed a dedicated website for this particular campaign, again with time efficiency at the heart of its concept. A handy one pager guides the attendee through all characteristics and benefits of the new drive belt and in addition we added all success features a modern website has to offer: responsiveness, a clear call-to-action, ease of use and search engine optimisation. 


Backed by a streamlined communication plan, the Quad-Power® belt was placed centre stage. The main elements of the plan were a box mailing and informative information leaflet. After our copywriter nailed the text explaining the innovative nature of the belt to a T, our graphic designers created a stylish brochure, using a watch visual for the box. That box, filled with some samples, was then sent to Gates’ distributors. The goal? To loosen the belt a little, and trigger them to choose the new Gates solution.    

A successful concept visual merges attractiveness, a clear message, originality and inspiration. Those characteristics, combined with a well targeted baseline, gets the message across in literally the blink of an eye.