DiBO manufactures robust professional cleaning machines. Top Belgian quality. The family firm wanted to shout that from the rooftops, so they asked us to come up with a powerful visual that would boost their image and product recognition. Enter The Hulk... from Brussels.

Strong qualities

What is so unique about DiBO? There’s that typical green colour of the powerful cleaning machines. The low­energy and environmentally friendly character. Quality. DiBO is all about green power, which we clearly reflected in the campaign visual. The striking depiction of The Hulk, the green muscleman, with a DiBO machine in his hand says it all, high­ lighting the quality of the products.

Powerful product visual

We used the impressive campaign visual, for which we also did the product shoot and the post­ production, in various media. It now demands the attention of dealers and professional users on the website, on the fair stand, on vans, the cover of the autumn brochure and on floor displays.