A new online dimension has been given to the D’M&S campaign for roofing manufacturer Derbigum. In Update 48 we told you about our concept work and cross-media approach for TV, radio and print. Now Derbigum is committing to online marketing. The full 360 degrees.

Top of mind and leads

Derbigum’s aim is to inspire builders and renovators to do more with flat roofs. There are so many sustainability options: reflective roofs, water recovery, roof gardens, roof patios and even full-vegetation roofs.

D’M&S deploys online marketing for Derbigum to raise its profile among builders and renovators. Attracting people to the website and then collecting their details to create leads that can be followed up.

The right mix

The online marketing plan comprises a balanced mix of channels: Facebook advertising, Youtube pre-rolls, Google display advertising, search engine advertising (SEA), remarketing...

Following the consumer cycle

We tailor the intensity of the online presence to the consumer cycle: full force in the spring and autumn, low profile during the summer holidays.


Visitors up 500%

It’s the first time Derbigum has gone for such an online marketing blitz. The number of website visitors has already increased by 500%. A good start.