Bobbejaanland is the most enjoyable ‘country’ for professionals and companies for a teambuilding event, staff party or other event. The amusement park in Lichtaart gladly mixes business and fun. We highlighted this with a striking B2B concept and a transmedia mix of communication tools.

More attention to
the b2b offer

Bobbejaanland offers several fun formulas for companies. Those who want to organise a meeting, seminar, conference, workshop or customer day can find all facilities in this enjoyable amusement park. We highlighted this with an eye-catching B2B campaign.

Creative concept:

For the campaign we came up with the B2Bobbejaanland concept, which promises companies 100% fun, 0% stress. An adapted logo with baseline and a colourful, playful design with cartoon-like drawings endorsed the promise of Bobbejaanland: ‘Entertainment is our business’.

Colourful brochure
promotes b2b offer 

To promote the B2Bobbejaanland concept among professionals we created a brochure that sums up all possible business formulas. We made a colourful design, came up with a fun approach and wrote the informal yet informative copy.

Website as lead generating tool

We followed the same course for the website Here employers can find a clear, complete and structured offer. The visitor can also immediately request the event team for a quotation. Handy for generating leads and leading customers to the amusement park.

From WOW to MMMM:
the usps of

We created four funky figures that each have their own colour symbolising a unique selling point of the amusement park: from the top location, the staggering attractions to the all-in service and catering. A fun guideline in the brochure and website.