At Chillventa, the professional trade fair for the refrigeration industry in Nürnberg, Germany, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) launched a corporate image intended to highlight their sustainability strategy and ecological ambitions. We came up with the visual and the fair booth. 

Corporate visual reinforces image of durability

Evaporative cooling solutions, the main technology BAC specialises in, are innovative and efficient cooling systems that save both water and energy and help to fight global warming. We clearly depicted this in the corporate visual: a hydrometer in which polar ice is melting, sea levels are rising and water is slowly dripping away… indicating that the clock is ticking. Thanks to the innovative and reliable BAC cooling systems, any warmth generated at the clients’ site, and even the effects of climate change, is reduced in an energy efficient way, or, just like the story in the image, frozen. 

The image tantalisingly conveys this pressing matter.