Artipur are mixes for specialty bread Dossche Mills brings to the market for bakeries. These Artipur mixes do not contain any active bread enhancers. We seasoned all communication linked to the launch of this new range with style and inspiration. 

Uniformity in corporate style

To gain awareness among the target audience of bakers, we came up with a design that closely matched the style of the Artisan range, bread mixes that do contain enhancers. The logo and baseline of the Artisan range are very alike, so that Dossche’s full range of special bread mixes now has a recognisable and uniform style. 

New packaging design

With a product folder for sales representatives, technical data sheets and other print and online tools, we added some spice to all communication on the Artipur range. We also designed new packaging: easy on the eye, contemporary, transparent and instantly recognisable as Dossche Mills. Pure craftsmanship. 

Extra: promotions in the bakery

Despite all online and social media promotions, a classic loyalty card remains for bakers an efficient way to convince their clients towards repeat purchases. On the condition however they receive something in return. A tasteful and useful gift, such as stylish placemats for example. For Dossche Mills, this was the best option.

The design of the packaging for the new range is easy on the eye, contemporary, transparent, and totally true to the Dossche Mills style.