On Saturday 16 September, AZ Groeninge officially opened the doors of the new campus at Kennedylaan. D’M&S got to organise three events for the Kortrijk hospital: a VIP opening ceremony, an open day and also an evening party. We not only organised the events, but also developed all communication tools, such as a website, offline and online invitations and registration platforms.

A catchy concept

AZ Groeninge’s new campus had been operational for a while, but on Saturday 16 September, the hospital at Kennedylaan officially opened its doors. In this context, D’M&S developed the concept ‘AZ Groeninge unwraps’, with a visual of a building that is unwrapped like a gift. We extended the concept to the website www.azgroeningepaktuit.be, where you can read all about the new building and the three online registration platforms, where the various target groups could register for the event for which they received an invitation.

1 day, 3 events

The one and only place to be was a big tent that we set up in the underground parking area. There we started the day with a VIP opening ceremony for politicians, doctors, partners and other stakeholders. After the reception and the walking lunch, the VIPs were taken on a guided tour of the site. From 2 to 6 pm the staff of AZ Groeninge and their relatives were taken on a tour as well. As from 7 pm, the tent hosted the staff party, where 1400 staff members gathered for a great opening party with walking lunch, followed by a performance by the AZ Groeninge band and a DJ.