A unique location. A fitting concept. The perfect finishing touches. This holy trinity leads to successful events with the return wished for, as was the case for frozen vegetables manufacturer Ardo’s ‘Let’s meet in the field’ event.

From the field to a unique event location

The location is critical to the success of an event. Eight futuristic domes that perfectly matched the conceptual theme of sustainability were set up in the field right next to Ardo’s production facility. The assembly and (rural) decoration took six days, but the result was worth it. Stylish, futuristic and as close as can be to the action.

Event coordination down to the last detail

We coordinated all activities across the event site over the four days, with hostesses to welcome visitors, technical support for the presentations, tour guides in the test field, hotel accommodation and shuttle services for the guests. And last but not least,  the highly appreciated catering (midday lunch and evening dinner).

(Press) communication included

More than 800 people attended the ‘Let’s Meet in the Field’ event in Ardooie, thanks to a well thought-out communication strategy with triggering invitations and an online registration platform. Our efforts to publicise the ‘Let’s meet in the field’ event surely paid off.