Hearing specialist Amplifon wanted to inform the general public about hearing loss and the solutions it offers in its hearing centres. We gave the campaign the necessary echo and provided original information material.


Spreading a message everyone should be all ears for, packaged in an attractive, action-oriented campaign: we took on the challenge. Our creatives developed a heart-warming concept visual, accompanied by the headline ‘We care deeply about your hearing’. We used this concept in an inviting window sticker, adverts, direct mailings and a series of leaflets. This way we lured many people to their local Amplifon centre for a free hearing analysis or extra information.

A TV spot and pos material

The audiologists of Amplifon are ready in more than 150 Belgian hearing centres to help you hear better. To give their familiarity a boost, they focused on television commercials. At our advice they chose a short ten second spot. Less broadcasting time indeed means fewer costs. This way, we managed to show a larger number of spots with the same budget at times when the (older) target group watches television.