For Aldi we organised an event in Yerseke to raise awareness of the quality of local mussels ahead of the new season. To add flavour, we reeled in a select group of journalists and influencers. Not literally of course.

Mussels from Zeeland

It’s no secret that Aldi stocks mussels from Zeeland. All that remains is to give consumers peace of mind that the mussels sold through the retailer are fresh and of the highest quality. We suggested Aldi hold a press event in Yerseke, the home of mussel production.

Top-notch event branding

Our event team pulled on their rubber boots to ensure the participants had everything they needed. It was our first live event in more than a year, but it was a breeze from start to finish.

  • Practical organisation with due consideration for the pandemic measures.
  • Easy to see Aldi branding at the location
  • Original culinary programme

Influencer marketing gets tasty

We hooked a selection of food and lifestyle influencers for the Aldi event. We made sure they knew exactly what was expected of them (raising awareness of Aldi mussels on their socials) and we monitored their feeds. In return, as well as a goody bag and a free lunch, they also netted an event video from our team. Ideal for sharing with their followers to get their mouths watering for some mussel action. From Aldi, of course.

Video taster

Like to get a taste of the event?
Check out the video (and the influencer stories on the socials).